W. Boston

Designed by Marcus Burrowes and built in 1917, this house was one of three on West Boston Blvd. built for members of the Seigel Family.  This particular house was built for Jacob Seigel, founder of the American Lady Corset Company.  This home features several largely intact original bathrooms with Crane sinks, many with their original Crane Fixtures.

Up the grand staircase and into the landing between the first and second floor. We start removing trim to repair a wall where the previous plumbers allegedly repaired a leaking 4″ cast iron drain stack, and lo and behold, one of the oak panels pops loose from the wall.IMG_0638


The previous repair guys also damaged the adjacent tile walls while repairing the same pipe.  Can’t be totally angry as some demo appeared necessary, but a sledgehammer shouldn’t always be the tool of choice, especially when one of the sanitary coves tiles (the bottom piece on the wall that curves to the floor) is a victim.  Luckily, we salvaged a piece from a previous demolition.



So Steve squeezes into the crawlspace underneath the bathroom only to detect that the top portion of an additonal 5 foot section of 4″ cast-iron horizontal drain has collapsed.


The leaking pipe was starting to reveal damage in the upper portions of the hallway below the staircase.


After carefully removing the old cast, and a few hours of crossing our fingers and chipping away the brick in the nether-regions of the crawl-space, we manage to squeeze a section of 3″ 45 degee PVC street elbow into the existing stack.  While in the crawlspace, we corrected a few feet of galvanic-reaction damaged copper which sprung pin-holes.


That fixed, we repair both walls that were damaged by the previous plumbers.  The diamond blade is your best friend, although tedious and dirty (have a helper run the vacuum as you’re cutting).  The homeowner wasn’t exceptionally worried about modern tile mixing with old tile, as the sink is the showpiece here.




I’m sorry, did I say the sink was the showpiece here?  The JL Mott Ironworks Sitz bath with the original barrel-drain is equally impressive.





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