Constructed 1928.

This modest Craftsman Style Bungalow sits one block from the Detroit border in Grosse Pointe Park.  We were called in originally to do the floors.  After the client saw a house with a floor that I had previously refinished, they saw the other work that had been done, they wanted their first floor finished.   Unfortunately, the new client was missing most of the oak trim from the window replacement.  All the oak baseboards and door trim had also been removed.  All had been replaced with clear pine, which we stained to match the new floors.

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We managed to find some oak on the staircase trim, so we stripped the paint off of it.  We repainted the balusters.  We repaired several sections of damaged flooring, then we started stripping the old finish with the floor sanders.

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When this house was purchased, the bathroom had already been partially dismantled, namely the curved Standard bathtub had already been removed.  We demolished the remaining flooring and walls, both in concrete, and recreated another modern version of the orignal 192os bath, this time with a new 54 inch clawfoot tub.




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