Built 1924.

The plaster walls in this house were originally covered with a layer of canvass, a common practice used in the teens and 20’s, which allowed for paint to be applied immediately, as opposed to having to wait for the plaster to cure.  After 80 years the walls were all “cracking.”  Removal of the canvass yielded untouched  plaster walls.  All were primed, skim-coated, primed again, and painted.

The hardware on the french doors are original nickel-plated brass.  The oak flooring is 1 1/4″ wide, also common in Detroit. All floors were stripped and re-finished.

The lead-glass door is Mahogany, as is the rest of the house.

Rewired bronze hallway fixture.  Minor polishing.

The floor was stripped and then sealed with a glossy tile sealer. Chair-rail was added.  We used the rest of the leftover paint.


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