Making the best of a beat-up foreclosure, this 1920 Craftsman four-square cleaned up quite nicely. The oak trim and the downstairs floor had been previously refinished (decently, in fact) but that didn’t stop the next owners from slapping and dripping paint everywhere and laying stick 12×12 tile in the foyer.  We actually put the belt-sander on the walls in a few places, it was so bad.

The kitchen was home-depo’d to where nothing fit anywhere.  We removed two layers of subfloor in the kitchen and a layer of stick tile under that.  Voila, original oak flooring in the kitchen, which we stained to match the rest of the downstairs and coated 4 times.  We then painted and re-used the oddly-sized home depot cabinets in the re-configured kitchen (we moved the sink out of the corner to the  window), added a black subway glass tile backsplash, and a small utility counter where the 1930s Kelvinator used to go.

Fortunately, the house was less than 1300 square feet and took about a month to overhaul from head to toe. The rental inspector in Ferndale liked it too.

It is currently being rented.


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