Lakepointe II

Down the street from the other Lakepointe house sits this nice brick bungalow.  Recently purchased and saved from the landlord, a textbook example of what not to do to your floors.



What happens when you rent the floor sanding machines from the Depot but they don’t provide you with adequate sandpaper, sandpaper that will cut thru several layers of wax?  Well, you run out.  And on an eighty year old floor that has known nothing but wax upon layer of wax, the 24 grit sanding disks will only cut a few feet before it’s gummed up and needs to be replaced.  Stock up 8 or 12 grit disks (like 20 of them), and a couple 16 grit belts for the drum sander.  Plan on staying a while, sweating, and getting completely dirty.



The lack of resources and attention to detail doomed this floor.  The solution of whoever worked on it was to cover it with a layer of stain and polyeurathane



Our job was to fix it.  And we have 10 days.  And there’s a holiday.  And the entire house looks horrible.












There were a few gouges left, as we were able to sand most of them out.  Some were so deep that to sand them out and sand the surrounding area would leave a gigantic dip into the floor, which the shadows would accentuate more than the actual gouge.  Another floor reborn.



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