Bishop, GP

A leaking drain in the bathroom above this sun-room had been unattended by the previous owners of this house in Grosse Pointe Park just across the Detroit border.  The cove ceiling was damaged, and the entire section of 4″ drain that ran to the basement needed to be replaced.


We wound up chipping out the damaged sections of cove ceiling.  The “flat” part of the ceiling was so damaged it was easier to tear it out entirely than to have to piece together.  So we scored the plaster and the wood lath with the diamond blade and removed the entire section.  After shimming for a few hours we installed  5/8″ thick drywall to the ceiling joists.




Next we used wire mesh to form our curve to rebuild the cove.


Since the flat part of the ceiling and the cove met on the same plane, we added a moulding to give the cove a top border, along with a picture rail along the bottom.







As an aside, Steve repaired a broken pane in the leaded glass door to the foyer.



Before the ceiling went in, and since we had the opportunity to do so, we ran new copper to the bathroom directly above.



The homeowner procured an old Thos. Maddocks and Sons porcelain pedestal sink, which we then installed.







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